Okuyucular soruyor: Can I Have A Cup Of Coffee Please In French?

How do you say can I please have a coffee in French?

I’ll have a coffee, please. Je prendrai un café, s’il vous plaît.

How do you like your coffee in French?

Do you like coffee? Est-ce que tu aimes le café? Do you like coffee? Vous aimez le café?

How do you order iced coffee in French?

Un café glacé (kay-ay glas-ay) is iced coffee but this is unusual to find in traditional French cafés.

How do you count from 1 to 100 in French?

Counting from 1-100

  1. Un 1.
  2. Deux 2.
  3. Trois 3.
  4. Quatre 4.
  5. Cinq 5.
  6. Six 6.
  7. Sept 7.
  8. Huit 8.

How do you order coffee with milk in French?

Du Lait, S’il Vous Plaît If you want milk, you have to order it with the coffee: un café au lait, un café crème, un crème – espresso with hot milk (large cup) un cappuccino – espresso with foamed milk (large cup) un café noisette, une noisette – espresso with a dash of milk or a spoonful of foam (small cup)

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Is coffee feminine in French?

The gender of café is masculine. E.g. le café.

How do you say double double in French?


  1. double the size deux fois la taille.
  2. double the size of deux fois la taille de.
  3. double the number deux fois le nombre.
  4. double the amount deux fois le montant.

How do you order an Americano in French?

“Un américain” (= “an Americano” or “a long black”) is also called “ un café allongé.” It’s an espresso with more water or in other words, a big cup of coffee. “Pour moi” means “for me,” and is useful when you order after someone else, for instance.

What kind of coffee do the French drink?

If you order a simple café in France, you won’t be served a regular cup of black coffee. In keeping with most of Europe, the classic coffee in France is espresso. Order un café and you’ll receive a small cup filled with a rich shot of espresso.

How do you say vanilla latte in French?

Similar translations for “vanilla latte” in French

  1. à la vanille.
  2. vanillée.

What do you do in the morning in French?

Terms in this set (12)

  1. Je me réveille à six heures. I wake up at six o’clock.
  2. Le savon. soap.
  3. La baignoire. bathtub.
  4. Je prends un bain. I take a bath.
  5. La brosse. Brush (for hair)
  6. Le sèche-cheveux. hair dryer.
  7. Je me sèche les cheveux et je me brosse. I dry and brush my hair.
  8. Je me maquille. I put on makeup.

Do French drink coffee black?

In France, a café is a shot of espresso. Depending on where you’re drinking, you may hear locals order the “un café” as a café noir. It’s exactly the same thing: a cup of black coffee with nothing added.

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How do I order coffee in Paris?

How to Order Coffee in Paris

  1. Un café allongé An espresso, but with hot water added.
  2. Un café américain. That’s right, this literally translates to “an American coffee”.
  3. Un déca. Saying this will get you a decaffeinated espresso.
  4. Un café crème. Coffee blended with milk.
  5. Un cappuccino.
  6. Un café noisette.

How do you order something in French?

Using je voudrais + un/une + noun to order food To order food, you can simply use the indefinite article un (masculine) or une (feminine) + the item. You would normally add s’il vous plaît (‘please’), at the end of the sentence: Une soupe de poisson, s’il vous plaît.

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